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At Zigro Canine we have a passion for helping owners maximise their relationship with their dogs via a balanced training methodology.  Balanced training utilises the four quadrants of operant conditioning, which is the method in which dogs (and humans) learn to behave.

Utilizing a positive reinforcement technique 95% of the time.

We are qualified canine behaviourists specialising in guiding owners through all aspects of dog ownership and training.

There is no better feeling than when both dog and owner leave us happy, we want to help you lift that weight off your shoulders.


You are not in this alone! 

Zigro Canine Dog Training and Boarding Dog on the beach
Image by Cole Wyland
I am so looking forward to working with Matt and Emily over the coming months ahead. During our
first meeting, they were both very knowledgeable, friendly, and relaxed. They made me feel totally
at ease and confident that they could help me work on neutrality and reactivity issues with Tarquin,
of which they identified the cause instantly. Watching Matt work with him was an absolute pleasure
and they gave me so much advice for our everyday life. I also like the way they understand the
specific needs of a breed and encourage you to work with the breed rather than against it. Within a
day our lead walking has improved tenfold and I can’t wait to build my relationship with my dogs
and advance my own knowledge with their help. Thank you both!

Anna and Tarquin

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Please contact us to discuss any combination of services or any special requirements you might have. We can then tailor a training plan to suit you.

Ziggy practicing neutrality in a local cafe.

Free consultation

We offer free telephone, video or in person consultations (Location dependant).

This allows us to discuss your requirements giving us a better understanding of your needs before our first session.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Long line training with Em and Rosie to ensure perfect recall every time with Zigro Canine

One-to-One Session

One-to-one training or behaviour modification sessions. Obedience sessions, lead pulling, reactive behaviours. 

All and more can be covered, please contact us to discuss your requirements as part of your free consultaion.

Please contact to book your session.

A belt full of rewards during a Zigro canine walk with Ziggy

Structured Walks

Working on lead manners, engagement and loose-lead walking. These sessions are a great way to physically and mentally stimulate your dog. 

Please contact to book your walks.


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Offering dog training in Shrewsbury,

Shropshire and the surrounding area


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