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Behind the Scenes


The People Behind Zigro Canine

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The Story

Hi, we are Matthew and Emily from Zigro Canine and we have a passion for helping owners maximise their relationship with their dogs via a balanced training methodology.  Balanced training utilises the four quadrants of operant conditioning, which is the method in which dogs (and humans) learn to behave.

Utilizing a positive reinforcement technique 95% of the time.


After rehoming a pandemic puppy we understand all too well the struggles that owners can face in the aftermath of coronavirus.


We spent countless hours and poured so much money into training, only for us to be be left tearing our hair out- nothing seemed to be working! Once we found a training style that worked for our dog everything changed, it was like a switch flicked and suddenly it all made sense! That is when we decided to start our journey into dog training so we could save people all that time, money and heartache.

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Currently qualified canine behaviourists, having completed the Will Atherton Canine Academy. We specialise in guiding owners through all aspects of dog ownership and training.

There is no better feeling than when both dog and owner leave us happy, we want to help you lift that weight off your shoulders.


You are not in this alone! 

Rosie  Ziggy-4478.jpg
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